The BEST Butt Shaping Move (maybe ever)

Kettlebell Kickboxing ™  Muay Thai Series: Teep-Lunge  (and how to make it better)

You’ve likely used the term “kicking your own butt” to describe the no-holds-barred attitude you apply to your glutes training. Now’s your chance to take this phrase from figurative to literal with Kettlebell Kickboing ™ ‘s trademark fat busting, butt lifting motion- the Lunge-to-teep.


What it is  The front push kick  – also known as the “teep” – is commonly found in Thailand’s national sport, the kickboxing art of Muay Thai. This kick can generate a lot of power, knocking down an opponent with the force generated directly from the gluteus maximus.

What it does   Pairing the front push kick with a reverse lunge allows for maximum muscle recruitment while helping to train stability, transfer of force and power production. As an added bonus, this two-in-one exercise will pay off with a higher than average calorie burn and will help further contour your glutes.

Front Push Kick to Reverse Lunge: 

The Step-by-Step to your KB Muay Thai Lunge Series 

TO DO: Three to four sets of 20 reps (each leg) OR Use your Martial HIIT ™ and perform this for a a minute on – thirty seconds off (3 rounds)

*** You can alternate sides or keep each side for a straight minute and on your third minute- alternate.

* Begin by assuming a natural shoulder-width stance. Keep your hands fisted in front of your chin.

* Bring your leg up as though you are going to knee someone, then extend your leg to kick forward. TIP: Think about pushing against an imaginary chest-high target in front of you.

* Instead of dropping your leg, swing it behind you as you bend your supporting leg, lowering in to a reverse lunge. Contract your glutes and hold for two counts.

* As you stand, move right into your front kick, using the same leg.

* Complete all reps on one side, then switch to the other.

* Last tip- as Dasha always says in class (when you teep, you have to pretend you are stuck in your closet and you are trying to ‘push-kick’ the door down.

Maximize your effort

* Before you start: Hold a fifteen pound kettlebell in each hand to intensify the move. Or rack one kettlebell over lunging the leg (holding it tight to the body).

* When you kick: Make sure your kick is explosive yet stable and that you use more muscle strength then momentum.

* As you lunge: Take a big step back. This will hit the glutes more then a short lunge, which focuses on the quadriceps.

Make it Harder

* Add a KB Press at the top of your lunge (alter your feet are back, at start position)

* Add a KB Press at the bottom of your lunge (at the point when your feet are apart and you are in full lunging position)


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