20 Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


20 Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

So guys and gals, Happy New Year! Instead of boring you with yet another resolution email (as if you haven’t gotten hundreds already) how about something you can actually use to make those resolutions more effective. After all isn’t goal setting and accomplishing all about having it (the process of achieving your goals) work for you, not against you?

So I thought it would be very appropriate to write a post on the 20 Fitness & Health Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make in 2014 (or ever).

What makes me such an expert? I’ve pretty much made all of them! That’s before I received my Masters degree in Sports Science, and before my countless certifications and continued education of course. Before a mass-world wide selling DVD and before my sold out NYC classes. I too was lost in fitness info.

Most of you might not know this, but I struggled with weight when I was a teenager and even in my early 20’s. I personally lost about 40 pounds. I am not a naturally skinny or super fit person- I, like most of you have to work for it. But the best thing I can tell you is that once you get rid of the fluff and all of the mistakes I list out here, working for your goals will become easier. It will be less of a stress and more of a reward, more progressive and even fun.

So, here they are 1 through 20… 

yBf8NwILN0Sj_zxg89t-481SJhRfWMjbHWMtq94YJoA1.  Your training routine is arguably the most pivotal time in your day. While there are plenty of hopes, dreams, pressures, temptations and distractions, the one things you do no want to do is set bad habits like using fitness and exercise as a band aid for bad and unhealthy behavior. Too often people abuse their bodies and then try to use a trip to the gym or a juice cleanse to ‘fix it’.

The problem: There is no such thing is a quick fix. You can not have bad-behavior/ good-behavior scale in health, they DO NOT cancel each other out. If you place stress and damage on the body, it will not respond to exercise correctly, instead the exercise in the gym will serve as an added stress to the body. And with out proper recovery, nutrition and program design you can damage your body and rob it of future potential. You will also trigger stress hormones that promote fat storage.

The cure: There are no short cuts. Live your life. Enjoy, experience, exercise, eat but do not abuse those rights. There are no quick fixes when it comes to your health.

2. When you workout, you manifest your own destiny. You do. However what you can’t do is instantly change all of the things you want. It takes time. Both the way you look, perform, think and feel takes time.

The problem: People expect too much too soon. You must be patient and have faith in your program (so long as it’s a good scientific program and so long as you are following one it will work).

The cure: Think of it this way, as I tell my clients; First you feel it. Then you see it. Then you become it. So, you should feel the changes first; changes like strength, mobility, endurance, energy. Then after about 4 weeks you will start to notice results. So please, guys, depending on where you start and what your goals are- it might not be instant, but it will surely be worth it.

3. Working out for now, not for tomorrow.

The problem: Its narrow minded, and will stunt your growth. If you are short sited you will never reach your potential. Never do anything just because it’s convenient for you now. Look to challenge yourself and build your own dream instead of building someone else’s vision of you. Even if it doesn’t exactly make sense now, create something with great value so you can truly have your body and health for a lifetime.

The cure: Always look to the future and never for immediate compensation or results. Stop being so consumed with your vacation bikini look and look to the future. You will soon realize once you’ve accomplished your immediate goals that its a never ending journey. A journey you should enjoy.

1184847_10201944570160337_1124553534_n4. Thinking that this is the right time (you earned) to take a break, or have a cheat day.

The problem: While all of your friends might be doing it, don’t fall into the trap taking cheat days as a habit. Sure it seems like the right thing to do, but in order to succeed you must create a lifestyle out of good habits. Good lifestyle do not need breaks. They are balanced. You eat a cake for an occasion, you eat plenty of greens daily. You take in proteins. You will not need to take cheat days.

The cure: Find a way to integrate a balanced diet into your life. And sustain in (and your body for the along term). If you want cake, have it. But don’t make a habit of having it every night. And do not make a habit of binging out once a week. Its unnecessary and creates dependency where you need none.

5. Calling your lifestyle & training routine a diet. Then ‘dieting’ by restricting entire food groups while reading your workout and training program.

The problem: Not only does it make you complacent, but it makes you boring. When your body and your health is at stake and your future is resting on your shoulders, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by diets and bad, boring workout routines. You know you won’t be able to sustain that for a long term, so the process will just create stress and pain. You will probably wind up gaining more weight back, then losing any.

The cure: Find a program that you can live with, something you can integrate into your life. If you don’t have time for 60 min workouts, why try to do them. If you can’t sustain a diet of no carbs, why start it? Get out there, eat food. Just portion control and eat clean and healthy. In your training explore what you love. Test the limits and have fun. It will take you to the places you’ve only dreamed of going.

6. Don’t be a know it all, do it yourself person. This is your body and your health you are toying with!

The problem: Thinking you know how to workout for your goals, rather than learning and following a program created by a professional.

The cure: Instead of going overboard a new magazine program of a new move, spend that time focusing on your goals and finding a plan that works for you.

tOXHeHCEW4hznoxPdw-yK7UXqzZKWq3NS6sCF9fPzW07. Listening to your friends instead of your self and your body

The problem: Its just like in high-school, the in-crowd may be tempting, but you’ll probably fall victim to surrounding yourself with other peoples goals, not your own. We know you feel the need to share your journey, and get support, but please think and look inward first.

The cure: Make connections with people based on trial and error, do not get romanticized into their goals and lose track of your won. If y=they want to run a marathon, and all you want to do is get regular with your workouts because you have been completely inactive for the past 10 years, realize that your goals are different at the moment.

If you ever want people to take you seriously, then you have to take yourself and your goals seriously first.

 8. Not caring because you only live once

The problem: We all are guilty of irrational decision-making, thats life. But, fast people and fast times with poor habits crash and burn, and they crash and burn hard.

The cure: A life of partying, heavy drugs, smoking, fatty fast foods and pretty much having that ‘Who cares’ attitude will leave you in the doctors office wishing you did things differently. Get focused and lock into what you’re supposed to be doing. If you don’t know what that is, then just think of feeling happy, healthy, energized, clear headed and mobile. Then think- how can I get there.

9. Thinking of your mental wants, forgetting your bodies wants and needs

The problem: The body does not want to be hidden in pain, and fat and poor movement patters. Distinguish between what you want mentally and what you actually need. Make sure your priorities are in tact or you will lose your track and live for small things instead of the big and great ones. Cheese dip and a movie, or a body that can walk, run, explore and function. You must make choices that your body needs- not what you want in the moment.

The cure: Drink water. Get rest. Move. The body needs to be taken care of and taken seriously. It wants to be challenged, pushed, enabled. It wants to run, walk, explore, climb, laugh, show off, enjoy.

FJSQdb1bUOiG13vNyI32X9iy4WeC_GtjI2RRxwuc20s10. Forgetting that you come first

The problem: If your not okay how can you take care of someone else?

The cure: Yes, true-  If you aren’t doing this for the ones you love, then you’re not doing it right.  BUT on the flip side, if you don’t think about yourself and make working out a priority then you are never going to find time to train or get healthy.

If you work on making it known to everyone you love how important your workout time is to you, then you will get lots of support and your family and loved ones will respect you for it.

11. Blaming anyone else but yourself for where you are today

The problem:  Don’t blame anyone or anything else. Whether it was that job you wanted, the body you must have for your big vacation or the health you can’t live a long life without, there is no one that can be held accountable in this universe except for you.

 The cure: Hold yourself accountable for everything. At the end of the day, all you have in the world is yourself — so go hard. Don’t look to anyone for answers and instead of making problems, create solutions.

FGK83fzmtDhwu0CqIBpaKVILmvTWB2zdoZfWCK-1tbA12. Forgetting that: Your Body has Amazing potential! 

The problem: Getting comfortable in your performance, your reps and your weights

The cure: What have you really accomplished? Your progress should be progressive. Once you reached a certain level of strength, health and mobility do not just work to ‘keep it’ work to ‘crush it’ and go even further. Setting markers and making new goals is the ONLY way you will continue to succeed and keep the results you worked so hard for.

13. Your training doesn’t teach you anything about yourself

The problem: A bad workout routine is like an unhealthy relationship. Truthfully, the only reason you’re there is because it is the safest and easiest thing you know.

The cure: Any job, workout or relationship that allows for you to get comfortable should be avoided at all costs. The last scenario you could ever want is never pushing, learning or discovering something new and exciting about yourself. Keep setting goals and follow a challenging and progressive workout plan!

14. Following the crowd (at the gym) instead of forging against it

The problem: You can be aware of the trends, but never follow them. If all your time is spent trying to adjust to your surroundings, you’ll get lost in the crowd all the more easily.

Plus- about 75% of people at the gym DO NOT KNOW what or why they are doing the things they do.

The cure: Success and greatness are constructed by those who stand outside the norm. Never by those who latched on to what’s currently trending or what they first see. make sure your program is scientifically based and has a real track record of results from a diverse group of people- not just a crowd of skinny mini’s who are obsessed with getting even skinnier.

JFd2mpedQONziTrV3qXEvH2GPmdh1wfFMVp1SPpWDaY15. Failing to energize those around you

The problem: Although you may sometimes think there is a lack of drive in your fitness network of friends or household  — this is never the case. If you are getting healthy, instead of getting dragged down by friends and family- It should be your sole responsibility to inspire, encourage and drive those around you to succeed.

The cure: Inspire those you love. Engage them. Buy them a workout DVD, get them up and training with you. Failing to do so only confirms that you will fall victim to that which you are around. Change and greatness can be sparked everywhere,so go on, trigger it!

16. Thinking you need to stop learning and growing because you look great!

The problem: Guess what- every year and especially every 5 years everything changes. Everything. Your values, priorities, body, health, goals. It changes. Your routine mUST do the same.

The reasons you work out change.  Even if you look amazing in a bikini, you can lift your older brother over your shoulders and you can run limitless across a beach don’t consider this your victory lap! But rather as a taste of greatness. Do live to enjoy the moments you dreamed.

The cure: The common misconception that once things are in your favor, you no longer have to put in the  work or care- and that is dangerous. Continue to stay diligent, Your workout program should have a simple yet challenging up-keep routine- Follow It!

17. Thinking that anyone will ever give you time to workout and Do You. 

The problem: Something will always come up. Something will always seem more important!

The cure: Make a workout calendar and follow it. Pretend its like eating dinner or brushing your teeth. You MUST do it!!! Furthermore list it out and and post it on your refrigerator or above your bed. Make sure you you and your loved ones see it daily! Even post it above your work desk so your colleagues respect it.

18. Investing in ‘buffers’ & ‘aids’ like diet pills and energy drinks

Your body is an investment — and the smarter the deals you execute, the savvier of an investor you become.

The cure: Instead of trusting diet pills that will screw with your hormones and your health in the future. invest in a real, no non-sense workout and nutrition plan. There are NO Short Cuts!

19. Holding on to gym buddies that waste your time and add no value to your life

The problem: You’ll be sucked down into the abyss right with them if you don’t cut the fat of the group. Family and friends could have been great to you as a child, but if they no longer hold the value and inspiration that is needed for you to thrive in life, then cut them loose and stop asking them to workout or go to the gym, or even cook diner with you.

The cure: The only individuals you should be surrounding yourself with are those that challenge your ideas and motivate you to find the next solution to your problems. Stick with the people who genuinely want to see you succeed no matter what you do in life.

20. Forgetting that you can train anywhere, anytime, with anything on any type of time restraint

Check out the Body Series DVDS or the Scorcher Series DVDs- you can train at home, in your hotel room, at the gym and basically anywhere in UNDER and hour and get results! Real, lasting results. Results you will keep for life!

OKAY, so I added a lucky 21

FitnessGala_00721. Not investing in good sneakers, and proper truing gear

The problem: The road to success starts with good gear- foot ware being essential! If you do not have proper training gear you can seriously injure your body.

The cure: As your class instructor, or better yet go to a store and speak to an expert. Go on websites and forums and read studies- then go on and get a GREAT pair of training shoes that you will switch every 3-6 months (depending on how much you use them).

I hope this helps you guys reach towards, achieve and go past all of your 2014 goals!

XOKb- your trainer & fellow Kettlebell Kickboxer, 

Dasha Libin Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, NASE, MKC-2, M-KBIA