10 Nutrition Rules For REAL Weight-loss & Health


1. Dieting is drastic, dramatic and FAKE!.
How many times have you been on a diet that meant you had throw out everything in your fridge, stop eating an entire food group or shop at different stores for your ingredients? Diets are fake because they are a temporary fix to a real problem!
That is not a way to live! What should you eat? As we mentioned a nutrition plan that fits into your likes and dislikes and your body type is teh way to go- check out our 7 Day Lean Book or Complete 7DL Program

2. Don’t be drastic!
Drastic, overnight changes are often too hard to stick to in the long term. Changes in your diet should be gradual- like fixing your least favorite meal, or adding a green juice or subtracting soda from your diet. The Rule: One at a time!

3. Dieting is short-term. Good nutrition is long term!
Want to know the truth about successful, lasting weight loss? You don’t need dieting to achieve it. Dieting isn’t the way to create a sustainable lifestyle change because everything about dieting screams “short term.” If you know anyone who has lost weight and kept it off, ultimately the reason they’re still slim isn’t because of dieting but because they’ve changed their lifestyle and habits.

4. Create great habits, one at a time!-
Yep, one at a time! Never take on too much all at once. Pair your new nutrition goals with exercise and lasting success is yours.

5. Keep things similar and then nudge yourself in the right direction.
Rather than overhauling your life and eating habits, make small changes- gradually! Try two weeks without soda- that should be the only change. Then try to cut back food portions by 5%. Then another change, and another. One at a time please!

6. Learn the difference between starvation and stress cravings
Most of us have gotten used to eating more than we actually need to feel satisfied. We also commonly mistake boredom or stress for hunger. Get out of that habit by being honest with yourself- and finding other things and activities to do instead of eating!

7. Drink water!
Many people commonly mistake thirst for hunger. When you feel hungry, especially during an odd time of the day, drink a glass of water- then eat an apple only if you are still hungry after.


8. Don’t Fear Fruit! and Don’t Fear Real food!
Our society has the wrong idea when it comes to sugar. NO ONE EVER GOT FAT FROM A PIECE OF FRUIT. We said it! People eat fat free processed foods that play around with their hormones, and avoid the good for you all natural fat fighting and health building nutrients found in natural fruits and vegetables. We discuss this in detail in our 7 Day Lean program, and book… In the end: eat fruit, avoid so called fat-free foods.

9. Make long-term changes.
Every time you cut back or replace one food with something else, ask yourself “Am I willing to do this forever?”. If not, try something else. This is about making changes that last, not quick fixes.

10. Don’t Try To Be Perfect!
Chances are, you won’t eat completely perfect and clean i100% of the time. Who can? Who needs to? Instead make the indulgences in your life a fun event (NOT a daily occurrence). Then when you do pick a day once every few weeks to eat some of the comfort and sweet foods you love, don’t feel guilty – Enjoy it!.

11. Add exercise and stay active.
To look, function and feel the way you want- lean, strong, healthy, balanced you need three things to work together:
1. Good sustainable nutrition.
2. A workout regiment (a program, not sporadic workouts)
3. Daily activity and movement
We discuss this in more detail in all of our KB programs, and that is exactly why I create only programs, not random workouts- because I want you to have the best and most lasting results.

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