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Boys, its time you join in! Looking to get stronger and leaner? This is your program!


A Complete Fat Burning, Muscle Sculpting, Muscle Alignment, Vitality & Mobility Body Program for Men, and Women looking to take their strength training to the next level.

3 (60 minute) Progressive Power & Strength Programs taking you from Beginner to Intermediate and into your Advanced training and Maintenance phase in 90 days. 

4 Short (20 minute) HIIT Cardio & Mobility Fat Burning Sets to use this alongside your strength workouts. 

Start Now (the complete program is 54.95, less then 6.99 a workout) Plus all of this bonus material, including a full  program and nutrition guide. You will also immediately receive your bonus PDFs: including the TGU book, Pull Up Book, Kettlebell Weights 101, TGU Book and a complete Fitness and Body Fat Assessment guide. The 4-disc DVD set. The program includes training charts and a nutrition guide book.

100% Success Guaranteed. We know because thousands of men and women have done the program in our test period and seen the results (just read our success stories)! The editors of Fitness magazine personally write about this DVD set. 

Kettlebells & martial arts are a powerful combo! In a 2010 American Council of Exercise research study it was noted that “…During the 20­minute kettlebell workout, the average calorie burn was 272 calories…” the study continues by stating that subjects “ … were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which is off the charts. That’s equivalent to running a 6­minute mile pace.”

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The complete program



What you get

  • 7 Workout Program: 90 Day Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced Strength Series 
  • For Men, and Women that want to take their strength training to the next level
  • PLUS 3 KB HIIT workouts 
  • And one amazing core and ab program
  • Align, Lean, Sculpt and Define the Body in a 90 Day Results & Lifetime Maintenance Program
  • 40 page workout book; program guide, training calendar and nutrition program
  • 5 min Swing 101 Lesson
  • 5 min Kettlebell Basics Lesson
  • 60 min Beginner Strength & Align 4 week program
  • 60 min Intermediate Power & Sculpt 4 week program
  • 60 min Advanced Full Body Sculpt & Torch 4 week results & lifetime maintenance program
  • 20 min HIIT Kettlebell Flow – Fat Burning, Muscle Endurance & Mobility
  • 20 min HIIT Double Kettlebell – Fat Burning, Power, Endurance & Mobility
  • 18 min TGU HIIT – 4 Turkish Get Up Variations with HIIT Insertions – Core, Legs, Arms & Cardio
  • 16 min Martial Arts & Kettlebell Ab & Core routine 
  • Available On Instant Download Only (Start Your Workout Instantly)