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Kettlebell Kickboxing™:

Every Woman’s Guide To Getting Healthy, Sexy, And Strong

In my many years of experience in the wellness community I have found that mental and physical fitness comes from a key set of principles; those set forth during your actual training sessions and also the work that must happen outside of the gym.

For both those of you who practice KB and are looking for more resources to supplement your workouts as well as those who have not yet tried Kettlebell Kickboxing, and are interested in starting the journey, the book is available in all major bookstores both digitally and in actual hardcover.

Why I Wrote It?

I’ve had some incredible opportunities to speak to and connect with thousands of men and women. Some through my classes, seminars, my newsletters, your emails and feedback and of course through my home fitness DVDs. But there is always more to say, more to explain… I wrote this book to help all of us further understand that getting and staying healthy and fit is actually far less stressful then we think.

Book Breakdown

  • The first several chapters are dedicated to training and weight-loss education. This includes real science, real research and a plan for real results.
  • We continue on to the education of kettlebell training. Including a complete chapter on the swing and some of my favorite swing workouts.
  • The rest of the training chapters are broken down by body part, including a chapter full of exercises for Abs, Back and Arms, Glutes and Legs. Each of the chapters dedicates itself to a specific problem area. Helping heal weakness, pain and of course create a lean and healthy body.
  • I also added a warm up, mobility and flexibility chapter to help you get the most out of your body.
  • Then, there are two great chapters called Burn 500 and 15 Minute Workouts That Work, in which I provide countless options for you to get a workout into your day.
  • I dedicated a chapter to simple and sustainable nutrition, including a plan for lasting weight-loss.
  • Perhaps the Chapter I love most is the one called Your Four Week Plan; which includes a results plan for beginners, intermediate and advanced KBers.
  • The very last chapter is a conversation, a conversation leading to total body success.
  • And I forgot to mention the BONUS: At the end of each chapter there are workout calender and 6 different workouts of different length for each body part.
  • 328 pages.

If any of my programs have helped you change your life, improve your health, or have helped influence you in any way, I’d be honored if you check out the book, write a review, and use the information to take your results even further!

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